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Pest & Rodent Removal Services You Can Count On in Roswell, GA

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Smart Solutions is a wildlife and pest control company based in Roswell, Georgia, protecting homes and businesses from nuisance wildlife and pests. For over 18 years, our wildlife and biology specialists have safely removed threats from buildings in the Atlanta area.

Our Technicians are highly trained in construction, wildlife management, wildlife biology, and trapping and removal. Smart Solutions is the premier company in Georgia. Take a look at our customer testimonials to see what they have to say.

Remove dangerous animals before they cause more damage

Smart Solutions specializes in wildlife removal and pest control, which includes the removal of rats/mice, squirrels and other rodents. We provide service for gray squirrels, flying squirrels, bats, birds, opossums, raccoons, birds/wood-peckers,chipmunks, mice, beavers, and much more! Trust our professionals to use the best equipment and techniques to get rid of them. One of the main reasons animals come into your home is to nest. You can rely on our technicians to:

  • Offer a detailed on-site inspection to analyze the problem
  • Use our education, degrees, and training to deliver the most effective industry leading solutions
  • Provide warranties and yearly renewal inspections to ensure your home and family stay safe

When we complete our services, we’ll make sure your property is in proper condition to keep pests out permanently. You can trust us to use the same caution and accuracy for our general pest control removal services as well.

Detailed attention to your specific pest situation

Our owner and technicians have degrees in wildlife biology and wildlife management and our entire team knows the ins and outs of today's green and environmental pest control standards. From nuisance animals to invasive insects, Smart Solutions goes above and beyond to remove pests from your Roswell or Atlanta home or business. For pest control and wildlife removal in the Roswell, GA or surrounding Atlanta areas call Smart Solutions today.

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