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Commercial and Residential Bird Removal Services

Providing Service For Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Wood Peckers, and Song Birds

Pigeon and Nuisance Bird Control

It is common for Pigeons, Starlings, and Sparrows to invade your commercial or residential property. These birds perch and deface your property with their droppings. This happens due to the acid found in these species droppings. Not only will their droppings ruin the ascetic of your home or office, they also contain bacteria that are extremely harmful to your family or co-workers. These nuisance birds are known to get into attic spaces or exhaust vents in your home or office. Our specialists are trained to remove the birds safely, remediate the unclean areas of activity, and prevent these nuisance birds from re-entering your home.

Our team of specialists have years of experience removing birds from commercial properties. We specialize in bird proofing and exclusion work to prevent future roosting and perching. Birds will typically purge, roost and nest on the building ledge, sign, or even air conditioning system. We will make sure to remove the bird from your property, and prevent the birds from returning by installing bird netting, bird spikes and other preventative materials.

Wood Pecker and Song Bird Control

Protected birds like woodpeckers and other nuisance song birds are known to cause damage to your home by pecking on wood structures, chimney tops, and stucco. Our specialists at Smart Solutions are trained to use the most effective techniques and materials to deter woodpeckers and song birds. We will deter the birds, use advanced exclusion techniques to ensure they will not return again, and warranty your home or commercial space for any future activity.