Raccoon Removal in Roswell, GA

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Do You Need Raccoon Removal Services?

Do You Need Raccoon Removal Services?

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One of the first steps to dealing with intruding raccoons is understanding their behavior. Due to their nocturnal nature, you will hear heavy noise and chattering in the late evening and early morning. They come inside your home to have cubs and keep them safe in the fall and spring. If you suspect that raccoons have entered your Georgia home, call the experts at Smart Solutions right away.

Raccoons are very destructive and create a lot of damage on both the outside and the inside of your home. Raccoons are known to leave their droppings in piles which can heavily saturate the inside of your home and create buildups of bacteria. We use specialized trapping techniques in order to quickly remove the animals and droppings in your home.

We use specialize materials and techniques to ensure raccoons have no way to reenter your home. Call us today at (678) 789-4016 to have a specialist come out to your home and return your peace of mind!

Did you know that Opossum's can have up to 13 young with each litter? Opossums can have up to three litters per year, averaging anywhere from 6 to 25 young per mother. They are the only marsupial animal on the Northern Continent, and they are known to be nocturnal scavengers. Don't allow Opossums to invade your space and keep you up at night. Call our team for more information on our Opossum removal services.