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We specialize in rodent removal and rodent proofing

We specialize in rodent removal and rodent proofing

Rat/Mice control in Roswell, Georgia and surrounding areas

Are you seeing or hearing rats or mice in your home? Rats/mice are unclean and carry things into the home. These things include bacteria and active parasites (fleas,ticks, mites.) Rats/mice reproduce at an astronomical rate. They are the number one culprit on our nuisance wildlife list. Take action before the problem gets worse! Smart Solutions is a premier full-service rat and mice removal company in Roswell, GA and surrounding Atlanta areas. You can count on our company to permanently eliminate the rats/mice in your home or business.

When you call our specialists for the job, you can expect us to:

  1. Come out to the site, assess the situation and ask pertinent questions
  2. Perform a three-point inspection which includes: 1) An interior inspection of the attic, crawl space, or basement to identify the target. 2) Perform a damage assessment of wiring, insulation, and duct work 3) Conduct an exit inspection as well as an entry point evaluation to identify the type of rodent and their prevalence
  3. Provide you with an estimate for trapping the rodent(s) and removing them
  4. Remove the rodent(s) and begin sealing the house for preventative measures

Rats/mice per capita have become the most numerous in the state of Georgia. We specialize in rodent proofing, and are the premier company in the state for rat removal and prevention. Rats and rodents chew through wires that can create house-fires. We will give you a Smart Solution for your rat or mice problem.

Take back control of your home or business by calling the team at Smart Solutions. Call our rodent removal team in Roswell, GA and the surrounding Atlanta area right now to start ending your problem.