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Learn About Our Wildlife Exclusion Services

Wildlife Exclusion is a process in which your home is sealed and our experts ensure animals and pests cannot re-enter in the future. The team at Smart Solutions will perform a detailed inspection of the area, follow up with an entry point evaluation in which we take photos. From there we will sit down and look at all of the images to come up with the best plan to keep the animals out for good.

Place Your Trust In our Experience

Place Your Trust In our Experience

Animals can enter your home in a variety of places, don't place your confidence in just anyone. Our team has over 18 years of experience in wildlife removal and exclusions. We only use top of the line materials, and continually educate our team on the best industry standards to secure your home from the outside. We are members of both The National Wildlife Control Operations Association and The Georgia Pest Control Association. Whether you're fighting a bat problem in your attic, or a rat problem in your basement we've got you covered!

Most common places pests enter

Roof vents
Cracks and holes found in walls, floors, and foundations
Unscreened vents and holes
Roof line and soffit repairs
And many more!