Professional Bat Removal Services In Atlanta & The Surrounding Areas 

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Bats are commonly found in attics and they will make a home there in the winter to hibernate as their food source depletes. Their droppings can result in health issues if not properly removed. We specialize in the removal of bats, bat guano (droppings), and sanitation of the affected areas. Tired of hearing noises in your attic? Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal is your solution. We offer a wide range of ways to humanely and effectively remove these little critters out of your life for good.

How Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal Deals With Bat Issues

When we are called in to solve a bat problem, we always start with a full home inspection to identify the bats, the droppings, and any potential entry points. We do the following during our average bat calls:

  • inspect the home from foundation to roof
  • humanely remove the bats
  • clean and sanitize the affected areas if needed
  • sealing all entry points to prevent future happenings if those have been identified

You can trust the professionals here at Smart Solutions to safely and humanely provide a solution to your bat problem. We proudly serve those in Roswell, Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Acworth, and beyond, and our wildlife control team is just a phone call away.

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