Professional Bee Removal Services By Wildlife Experts

No matter the type of bee issues you are having, our certified and licensed experts will take the necessary steps to resolve your issue.

One-Time Removal Or Ongoing Prevention

We understand everyone has different situations, needs, and budgets. We want to be as flexible as possible so we offer both one-time removal services as well as ongoing plans to keep bees away from your home year-round.

Getting Rid of Squirrels the Right Way

You can take the right measures of having squirrels removed from your home or business by contacting the certified wildlife removal experts here at Smart Solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a single squirrel or a squirrel and her litter, we’ll make sure every last one is safely and humanely removed.

What We Do

Our team will perform a full inspection of the home or office, and will do each of the following:

  • locate and identify bees or bee hives
  • Treat and remove bees from home or yard

You can trust the professional pest control experts here at Smart Solutions to safely and humanely provide a solution to your bee problem. We have over 20 years of experience in the wildlife removal industry.