Trusted Mosquito Control Services

Is your home or commercial property needing high quality and effective mosquito control services just so you can enjoy the outdoors again?

We have you covered.

Here at Smart Solutions Wildlife & Pest Removal, our team is proud to announce that we now provide the finest mosquito control services to residents and businesses in the greater-Atlanta area! By utilizing the groundbreaking In2Care system, our team will be able to rid your property of these annoying little creatures.

In2Care Mosquito Trapping System

With the In2Care Mosquito Trap, your property’s mosquito population will be controlled in an effective manner. Because the trap attracts mosquitoes to it’s water storage that is treated with UA-EPA approved biological agents, the mosquitoes and the larvae will come into contact with the biological agent and kill both the mosquito and the larvae. This process is very effective because the active agents will both kill the mosquito and prevent virus development.

Why Choose Smart Solutions?

You can count on the Smart Solutions team to provide a thorough inspection of your yard in order to identify where the mosquitoes are breeding. This will allow our mosquito control technicians to specifically target those areas, providing your family with a safer and more eco-friendly treatment. 

If you’re worried about the application’s effect on pollinators: don’t worry. This process saves pollinators which are beneficial to our environment versus a broad spraying treatment of the entire property which is not as cost effective or needed if the breeding areas are addressed. 


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If you need relief from an overwhelming mosquito population on your property and want to lessen the chances of virus transmission via mosquito bites, it’s time to contact Smart Solutions Wildlife & Pest Removal. You can trust our mosquito control professionals to provide top-notch services. Call us today!

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