Wasp Removal In Atlanta, GA

Few things are worse than enjoying a beautiful summer day outdoors and suddenly noticing a wasp nest hanging in a tree or near the entrance of your home. If this is your current situation, it’s highly recommended that you contact a professional wasp nest removal company.

Here at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal, our team of wasp and wasp nest removal specialists have spent many years and many hours of training when it comes to getting rid of these potentially dangerous threats.

Our team serves the greater Atlanta, GA area with the following services:

  • Wasp removal
  • Nest removal
  • Damage repair


Wasp Characteristics

Many times, wasps are confused with bees as they look and act very similar to each other. Wasps have more of a cinched waist however and feature a distinct yellow and black striped body. Many wasps are ground dwellers, but they also create elaborate paper nests that usually hang from trees. These insects are most popular in the spring and summer months in Atlanta.


Get Rid Of Troublesome Wasps Today

If you’re needing to get rid of nuisance wasps from your backyard, commercial property or your attic area, it’s time to call the professionals at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal. Our team will provide you with a high quality wasp and wasp nest removal service to bring safety and peace back to your property.

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