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Snakes May Be Dangerous, the Removal Process Doesn’t Have to Be!

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You never want to see a snake in your home, but even having one on your property can be frustrating especially if you don’t know if it is poisonous or non-poisonous. As much as it might make your skin crawl, snakes (including copperheads, rattlesnakes, and brown-bellied snakes) are commonly found in or near homes in AtlantaRoswellAlpharetta, and the surrounding areas. Snakes are known to return to areas where they find food (rodents and insects) to be plentiful. But if you’re dealing with a snake problem on your property, rest assured, there is a solution for you.

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Getting Rid Of Snakes For Good

You can take the proper steps to not only get the snakes out of your home/business and off of your property, but to also keep them from returning. If you’ve spotted snakes on your commercial or residential property, you can trust our team to do the following:

  • Inspect your yard and home/business to locate the food source that’s attracting the snake
  • Remove the snakes
  • Perform an entry point evaluation and seal any openings to prevent the snakes from re-entering your home or business
  • Make recommendations for how to keep snakes from returning to your property in the future.  Often this means controlling the available snake food source: rodents, insects, aquatic animals. Other recommendations may include the removal of thick ground cover, low shrubs, and piles of leaves.

Your specialists from Smart Solutions have the know-how, experience, and equipment to tackle any venomous or non-venomous snake problem, whether you have one snake on your property or many. When you have a snake problem, Smart Solutions is the only wildlife removal company you need to call. We’re licensed, insured, and certified wildlife control operators with decades of experience and training.

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This company is excellent. They are very proactive about staying in touch, sticking to their appointments, and making sure everything is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Smart Solutions has eradicated the problems I was experiencing that were unable to be resolved by one of the big national pest control companies.