Smart Solutions Provides Unparalleled Wildlife Exclusion Services, Knowledge & Experience To Atlanta & Its Surrounding Cities

Homeowners in Capitol Homes, Slabtown, Five Points, Shermantown, Snake Nation, Summerhill, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Vine City, Inman Park, Brookhaven, and all throughout the Atlanta area have been depending on the wildlife removal/pest control expertise and high-quality customer care of Smart Solutions for 20 years and counting!

Don’t Let Bat Or Rat Invasion Put Your Family’s Health At Risk

Bats, rats, mice, and raccoons are known for disrupting homes all throughout the area, and they bring some serious health risks right along with them. Animal droppings are especially harmful and can carry disease, but they’re also damaging to homes and businesses.

There are certainly ways to trap and release bats, rats, and other pesky critters on your own, but if you want the problem taken care of quickly, humanely, and for good, call on Smart Solutions. Our wildlife removal experts and biologists have decades of experience and national training, and we capture and release every animal in a humane and eco-friendly manner. After all, many of these creatures serve a big purpose in our world! Bats, for example, spread seeds and keep our insect population down.

So how can we help?

We offer:

Decades Of Experience & Knowledge You Can Depend On

For the last two decades, the team here at Smart Solutions has been humanely removing wildlife and pests and restoring attics, crawlspaces, and basements that have been damaged by these critters throughout Atlanta. We’ve helped our neighbors in Copen Hill, Ormewood, Bellwood, West End, Roseland, Cabbage Town, Newnan, and in areas nearby, and we’re here to help you, too. Call our qualified team of construction professionals and certified pest control/wildlife control operators today at (678) 789-4016. For reliable results and a long-lasting and effective solution to rodent, wildlife, and pest problems, look no further than Smart Solutions. Call or request your free estimate online today.

Living in Kennesaw and having bug, bird or rodent problems? Relax! As part of our extensive service area, you’ll receive all the professional services Smart Solutions has to offer.