birds in vents

Birds in Vents

Every home has several types of vents that are easy for birds to enter. Bathroom exhaust vnets, dryer vents and kitchen exhaust vents are the most common. The small spaces make perfect places for nesting. That means nesting materials and the waste that comes along with the birds. As the droppings accumulate so will the odors that you will smell in your Atlanta home. This can also cause the ventilation system to work poorly.

The dryer vent was designed to allow heat and lint to escape. If it is blocked by nesting material and birds the heat can not get through. You might notice your clothing getting extremely hot when drying or needing several cycles to dry. Other exhaust vents with flaps can cause birds to be trapped. They will make a lot of noise trying to get out. You will know if you have a bird trapped in your exhaust vent because of all of the noise. It will sound like a larger animal moving around because they cannot fly in the vents.

Annual inspections for these dryer or exhaust vents is the best way to prevent problems. Checking them indoors and outside for indicators like missing covers, damaged covers or odors is a great place to start. Our professionals can inspect these areas and address any potential problems before they arise or trap and remove birds if they are already residing in your vents. Call us as soon as you think you may have birds in your vents.