House Mouse Extermination

One of the worst infestations to have here in Atlanta is a mouse infestation. These creatures are carriers of bacteria and mites and they leave droppings everywhere. Kitchen counters, pantries and floors can be contaminated by the feces and urine they leave behind them. They are also chewers. They will chew anything from food in your pantry to electrical wiring and cable wires. Basically, they are pests that can cause a lot of damage. Usually, if you see one, there are many more you are not seeing and one or two can turn into an infestation very quickly. When it comes to mice, you want to call in professionals quickly.

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Common Signs you have Mice

Mice can hide easily because they are able to fit into very small spaces. They only need about ¼ inch of space to move into cracks or hiding spaces. They are also able to climb anywhere but they always leave clues behind. If you are not seeing mice, you will definitely see their droppings. You may also hear scurrying sounds or in some cases you may actually see the mice. Sometimes you can smell them as well. The odor will be musky. Some homeowners also find nests. However you see them, make sure to call us as soon as you are aware of a problem.

Mouse Extermination

There are many options used for mouse extermination. Our team specializes in extermination and we have years of experience. Traps are the most common option. Placement is the key with traps. They should be placed where there is evidence of mice. Behind things they have chewed or where droppings are seen is a good place to start. They can be placed on walls or floors near possible entrances. We are always mindful of children and pets when traps are placed as well. Covers or barriers can be used to keep them safe. Glue boards and live traps can also be used, however, these options mean having to find a place to release the trapped mice or killing them. Traps are usually the best option. In situations like large buildings toxic baits can be used to prevent reinfestation. This is primarily used when there are surrounding buildings with rodent issues. Our trained team will be able to determine the best method for your situation.

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