Birds in Building

Birds can be a nuisance for any business here in the Atlanta Metro area. Whether you have a large retail store, a grocery store or a small storefront, birds can hurt your business. We are bird control experts and we are ready to remove the birds from your business and keep them from coming back. While they can be beautiful, birds are filthy and carry diseases, mites and lice. They produce toxic droppings that can be harmful to employees and customers.

It is important to have any bird problems addressed by professionals due to laws that protect certain types of birds in our area. We are prepared to inspect your property and design the best plan for your particular bird situation. Nuisance birds can cause damage to your building and their droppings can create unsightly messes around entrances or walkways causing you to lose business or gain health code violations. Your employees and customers can also be exposed to toxins from droppings. Let us help you with bird removal today.

There are many types of commercial properties in Atlanta affected by bird infestations. No matter how big, we can handle it for you. We are ready to help if you own or manage any of these types of properties:
Big Box Stores
Parking Garages
Commercial Buildings
Government Buildings
Golf Courses
Country Clubs

Bird Damage to Buildings

When it comes to bird removal, there will always be clean up. Bird waste or droppings can be corrosive. Over time, it can damage roofs, wood and even concrete. These toxic droppings need to be professionally removed to prevent damage to your building. You may also need repairs. We will inspect the building for any needed repairs due to the birds.

Bird Exclusion

Once the birds have been removed from your business, we will begin exclusion. The goal is to keep your building bird free. How we approach this will depend largely on the species of birds you have. It also depends on the type of building or structure you have. Indoor and outdoor spaces are also a consideration. We can use many methods like netting, bird spikes, wire and shock track are just a few. Netting is commonly used in large open air spaces, spikes can be used on signs or other flat surfaces where nesting occurs and electric track is also a possibility. Trust that whatever method is used, it will be humanely done. Contact us if you see birds on your roof, at your entrances or on your signs before the damages begin.