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Squirrel Removal & Trapping Services In Atlanta, GA

We offer effective squirrel removal & control to our neighbors in Atlanta, Roswell & the neighboring communities.

Gray squirrels and flying squirrels are commonly found here in Georgia, and these little guys can cause big problems. Squirrels can be a real pest and can do a great deal of damage to attics, chimneys, and other areas of the home or business. These hyper little critters love to chew and burrow, and will quickly tear up insulation, wiring, ductwork, piping, and anything else they find worth digging into.

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In addition to their destructive behaviors, they leave urine and feces (which can pose a health risk) throughout the space, bring in nesting materials, and scratch and scurry at all hours. Squirrels can also bring fleas and other parasites into the home or business or get stuck in areas (like walls and chimneys) and die. Not exactly what you had in mind for your home or office, is it?

So what’s the solution? Call Smart Solutions, Atlanta’s trusted and certified squirrel removal and control experts. We’ve removed squirrels from all these areas:

  • walls
  • attics
  • garages
  • cars
  • chimneys

Basically, if there’s some sort of shelter for squirrels to access, they will access it!

In addition to our squirrel removal services, we also offer pest control and wildlife exclusion services to our neighbors in Atlanta, MariettaRoswell, and the surrounding areas.

Humanely Remove Squirrels & Keep Them Away

Do you have a squirrel problem on your commercial or residential property? Leave the trapping and removal to the certified wildlife removal experts here at Smart Solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a single squirrel or a squirrel and her litter, we’ll make sure every last one is safely and humanely removed.

Our team will perform a full inspection of the home or office, and will do each of the following:

  • locate squirrels
  • identify entry points
  • use live traps and our decades of experience and training to safely remove and release the squirrel(s)
  • use our decades of construction experience to seal entry points and squirrel-proof the structure in a way that’s effective, safe, and code-compliant

We’ll also assess damage, remove animal waste, replace any damaged or dirty insulation, wiring, ductwork, or piping, and de-odorize and disinfect the area. As attic remediation and sanitization experts with a background in construction, we can make sure things are fully restored and back to normal.

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Do you hear the sounds of scurrying and scratching? Have you spotted squirrels in your attic, home, or business? Trust the professional trappers here at Smart Solutions to safely and humanely provide a solution to your squirrel problem. We proudly serve those in Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, and in the greater Atlanta, GA area. To request a free inspection with our fully licensed, insured, and certified wildlife removal experts, call (678) 789-4016 or reach out to us here on our website today. We’re here to help!

It’s no fun living with the mess and anxiety caused by an infestation of squirrels, so call on our wildlife exclusion experts for a reliable solution.

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Q-What type of damage can squirrels do in an attic?
A-They can and chew on wiring, HVAC, plumbing and construction to cause damage with fires, flooding and mold.
QWhy do squirrels come in to houses?
A- To be safe from predators, have litters of young and because of construction falters.