Squirrels in Crawl space

Is your yard filled with squirrels? If so, your crawl space may be vulnerable to them. All it takes is one small entry point and squirrels can make a great home under your Atlanta home. While the crawl space provides shelter in a warm, dry space for them, it will only provide problems for you. You may be hearing noises from under the house or see holes around the base of your home that indicate a wildlife issue. If you hear or see the signs, contact us to schedule an inspection. Our expert team will trap the squirrels and remove them. We will also provide clean up and exclusion methods to keep them out.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

The process of removing squirrels begins with trapping. Many times we have to set traps and monitor them daily until all animals are gone. All of the squirrels are relocated and handled humanely. It is wise to have professionals trap and remove any wildlife as it could be one of many other animals under your home. We are prepared for skunks, raccoons, snakes and other nuisance animals that you may not be ready for.

Crawl Space Damage from Squirrels

While they are cute and entertaining to watch in your yard, squirrels can cause serious damage to your home. Wiring, plumbing and even HVAC can be run under your home. Rodents like squirrels love to chew on electrical wiring which can cause appliances to malfunction and create a fire hazard. Many house fires are caused each year from chewed wires. Allowing them to stay under your home is inviting trouble and costly repairs. They can also attract other animals and bugs into the crawl space. This can lead to more infestation. They need to be removed from the crawl space as soon as possible.

Crawl Space Exclusion and Prevention

After all animals have been safely removed, we will begin the decontamination. This step ensures that all the bad things brought in by the squirrels do not stay under your home. Harmful bacteria, parasites and even bugs or mites will be taken care of in the step. After the space is cleaned up, we can start repairs. At this point we are looking at damages to wood, wiring or insulation. We are also looking in detail at every possible entry point to your crawl space. The last thing you want is for more animals to find a way in and the best way to stop them is to make sure everything is sealed. These animals can turn a very small entry point into a large one over time. We will make sure to locate any vulnerable spots and seal them so you do not have a repeat infestation.