Atlanta Bird Dropping Clean-Up

If you have had large numbers of birds at your Atlanta business location you are likely aware of the enormous mess they create. Many birds means many droppings. Cleaning up after the birds is a bit more complicated than sending an employee outside with a window cleaner and a hose.

You will need professionals to properly eliminate the waste from your property in a safe way. Power washing with the proper cleaners is part of the process. We have all the proper equipment and are ready to help you remove this unsightly waste from your property.

Diseases Found in Bird Droppings

The waste can contain harmful diseases. Histoplasmosis, e coli, salmonella, meningitis, West Nile disease among others are found in the disgusting mess they have left. While this is not such a problem if there are one or two birds around your property, it is a much different story if you have large numbers of birds. Proper equipment and disinfectants must be used to handle the job. Personal protective equipment will need to be worn by anyone involved in the clean up as well. Anyone breathing the air in the area while clean up takes place is at risk of breathing in particles containing harmful spores and bacteria. Do not allow your employees or customers to be at risk. Call for professional help.

Professional Bird Poop Remediation

Bird droppings are a serious problem not just for humans but for your building as well. Damages from bird droppings can create costly repairs. Uric acid found in the waste can eat through many building materials if not removed. Roofing, stone, metal and siding can all be damaged. This also included HVAC equipment and other vents. Excessive amounts of waste can also attract more birds. More birds equals more waste. You also have to factor in the slippery nature of the droppings around entrances. This creates potential liability lawsuits if a customer or employee slips and falls. This waste could be very harmful to your business in many ways. Contact us for a consultation and estimate for professional bird poop clean up.

How We Handle Bird Guano

Birds are beautiful creatures but they should not be allowed to take over your Atlanta business. The waste is so harmful to the look of your building and to the comfort and safety of your patrons and employees as well. Power washing will probably be necessary to remove waste from concrete and buildings.

Nesting materials may also need to be removed from vent systems. They can be fire hazards if not removed. Make sure you handle the clean up in a responsible way and think about long term solutions for keeping the birds away. A long term solution is the only way to ensure that you will not need to continuously have professional clean up done.

Contact us today! We can schedule you for a no cost, no obligation consultation. We will discuss the options for professional waste clean up for your building and areas that are affected by waste. We can also give you information about the best types of deterrents for your business to keep the birds away so that you do not need to clean up again any time soon. Let us help you protect the business you have worked hard to build.