Thinking Of Protecting Your Home With Gutter Guards? Choose Wisely!

Here at Smart Solutions, like you, we’re all about finding ways to protect your home against animals, the elements, and the damage each can cause. And of course, gutter guards can help. But did you know that some gutter guards can actually work against your efforts?

Many gutter guard systems attach to the top of the gutter, but tuck up underneath the shingles as well. This causes the shingles to jack up, which creates a space between the gutter and the roof. Systems that go up underneath of the shingles like this allow animals to get past the gutter system, and also affect the way water flows down the roof and into the gutters. As a result, you could be creating water problems and animal problems for yourself, when you think you’re doing something good for your home.

The reality is, you’re not supposed to have anything sitting underneath your shingles. So does that mean you simply can’t enjoy the benefits of gutter guards? Of course not. You just have to find the right system.

Our Gutter Guard Systems Won’t Affect The Way Water Runs Off Your Roof

Here at Smart Solutions, we are certified installers of weather armor and armor guard gutter guards that attach to the top of the gutter, not underneath of the shingle. These systems actually clip to the top of the gutter, encapsulating the whole gutter, without affecting the shingles or the way water runs off of the roof in any way. Finally, protection that doesn’t create more problems for you!

Our Gutter Guard Systems Animal-Proof Gutters

Another benefit of these systems is that, because they encapsulate the entire gutter without creating space between the shingle and the gutter, they actually animal-proof the entire gutter system. With other systems, animals can lift the shingles and try to work on the gutter guard, bit by bit. But with these gutter guards, animals can’t get into the gutter, period.

Shopping For Gutter Guards? Call Smart Solutions & Get The Very Best

Are you shopping for a gutter guard system to protect your gutters and home? Give us a call at (678) 789-4016 or reach out to us here through our website with any questions you have. Not sure which product is best for you? We can evaluate your home, property, and concerns, and make the perfect recommendation. Just ask! And with Smart Solutions, you can expect installation to be done right! Give us a call today — we’re here to help.

If you are having indoor issues such as bed bugs, we can also help! Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal has the services to keep your home your own.

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