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You notice a rash of bites on your body, and immediately head to Google. Is it bed bugs?

We know, just the thought can induce panic, but take a deep breath. It may not be all that comforting, but bed bugs aren’t thought to be harmful to health. And while they’re definitely not  a problem you want to have, there’s no need to panic. We can help.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

You may be wondering: how did I even get bed bugs? I keep my residential or commercial property immaculate! Well, cleanliness doesn’t really have anything to do with it. What does? High-traffic.

The #1 way bed bugs find their way into homes and commercial settings (like hotels, motels, retirement homes, etc.) is through travel. Where there are a lot of people, there’s a lot of blood, and that’s what these little bugs feed on.

These small bugs can hide in small spaces where they’ll have access to their food source. That’s why they are often found on headboards, mattresses, box springs, and other spots where they can easily feed during the night.

How Can You Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Problem?

bed bug removal services in Atlanta/RoswellAside from bites on your body (which can look a little bit like flea bites), how can you tell if you have bed bugs?

  • Look for the bugs themselves. They’re small and brownish (reddish after feeding,) and tend to hide in places like under mattresses and box springs, behind head boards, and in the edges of the carpet.
  • Check for black pepper looking spots on your sheets and furniture.

If you think bed bugs may be an issue in your home or commercial property, just give Smart Solutions a call. We’re experts on treatment and prevention, and we can get rid of them fast, so you can feel at home again.

We Stop Bed Bugs

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What Does Treatment For Bed Bugs Look Like?

Here at Smart Solutions, our treatment process has multiple components.


We start by inspecting the main area you believe may be affected, like the master bedroom, for example. But because bed bugs can spread, we also check all rooms that have been used since the bugs may have been introduced to your home, hotel, or other setting.

Treatment & Sanitization.

Once we’ve identified where the bed bugs are, we use a cocktail approach to treatment, which is a little different from what most other companies do. This cocktail includes the use of heat and chemicals.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we heat treat the space with heat and chemical treatments, which kills the bed bugs on contact and sanitizes the space at the same time. We’ll use these heat and chemical treatmentsv on any furniture and material that needs it, with the exception of leather, hardwood, and other materials that could be damaged in the process.

Once the space has been heat treated and sanitized, we follow up with a chemical treatment, which kills any bugs that may be hatching out of eggs.  We have specialized state of the art equipment, exclusive to our company.


Next, we use a powerful HEPA vacuum to clean up any remnants of the bugs, including eggs and droppings. Bed bugs can also leave behind dried blood stains, so we clean the mattress, box springs, drapes, and any other affected areas.


If bed bugs seem to be a recurrent issue or concern, there are some preventative steps we can take. For one, we can place a protective cover over the mattress. We also offer monitoring programs for people who travel often and places that see high traffic. While there’s no real way to prevent an introduction, we can place pheromone monitors on the beds, which will attract any bed bugs in the space. By checking the monitors regularly, we can address any future issues much faster than we might otherwise.

For Bed Bug Solutions That Work, Call Smart Solutions Of Atlanta

If bed bugs are or have been an issue in your residential or commercial space, give Smart Solutions a call. Our methods are proven more effective than other methods, and our state-of-the-art equipment is above and beyond what most other companies use. With Smart Solutions, you can be confident we’ll eliminate the problem. We proudly serve the greater Atlanta/Roswell, GA area.

To request a bed bug inspection with one of our specialists, please call (678) 789-4016. We’ll take care of the problem fast and effectively.

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