Rat and Mice Exclusion

Rats can be a nuisance in your home or business. They can live in your attic, walls, basements, and in any living space available. Rats can make their homes inside your home or building and will breed and cause damage year round. If you have a rodent problem you want them removed from your home and you want them to stay out for good. This is where exclusion comes in. Our goal isn’t just to get the rats or mice out of your home or business, we want to keep them out. That’s why our inspections are so detailed and our solutions are smart. What’s the sense in paying someone to remove rodents or other animals from your home or business if they’re just going to come back? With Smart Solutions, you get a guarantee that our wildlife exclusion and control services will work to prevent future issues.

There are a variety of ways to address animal problems, but here at Smart Solutions, we only use methods, practices, and products that are humane and safe for your family and your pets. Keeping animals out of your home or business shouldn’t be cruel and unsafe, and it doesn’t have to be in order to be effective.

Without properly sealing entry points, removing feces and other health hazards, and repairing damage done by the animal intruders, the job is only half done. When you call on Smart Solutions for your wildlife exclusion services, we’ll take care of everything, from the removal of the animal to cleanup and home/office repair. We are there every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your home or business in the Atlanta Metro area.