Birds on Ledges and Roof

In the Atlanta area it is very common to see birds congregating on roofs and building ledges. Rat Control Atlanta is the team to call when you need to control these birds and keep them away from your property. Protecting your property is important and birds can be the cause of damage to your home or business if allowed to stay.

Nesting on Ledges

Ledges on buildings are inviting for these birds as well. There are many corners and nooks that are perfect for nesting. Birds are often hidden from the elements in these cozy areas. While it is great for the birds, this is not great for your building.

Bird Deterrents for Roofs and Ledges

There are many available options to keep these pests away from your roof or building ledges. Spikes, guards, shock track and bird wire are among the most popular options. You may also consider netting, laser, or other deterrents. We are here to provide you with the best possible solution for your home or business. Call us today for a consultation.

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Roof Damage from Birds

Bird droppings are toxic and highly acidic. They can damage many surfaces and cause corrosion on materials like metal, rubber and even your shingles. This kind of damage can take years off of the life of your roof. Not to mention leaks and holes that create entry points for other wild animals or pests to enter your building.

Damage from birds on your roof can also be a result of nesting. There are many cozy areas for birds to build nests on your roof. Areas near dormers or gutters are particularly popular areas. They can also be drawn to the gutters for building nests which can cause damage to the gutters and not allow for water to drain properly. This can be a problem for businesses as well. Many buildings have HVAC systems on the roof that can be damaged or affected by the droppings. Solar panels and air vents are at risk as well.