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What Rodents Do We Remove?

Here at Smart Solutions, we specialize in rodent treating and trapping services to Atlanta, Roswell, and the surrounding areas for the following animals:

In addition to our rodent services, we also offer pest control and wildlife exclusion services to our neighbors in Marietta, Atlanta, Roswell, and the surrounding areas.

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Our Process

Smart Solutions has processes that are rodent specific to rid your home of rodents that are unique to our company.

Our general practice is as follows:
  1. Inspect: Thorough detailed inspections of the exterior and interior of your home including: walls, attics, garages, cars, chimneys, attics, crawl spaces, basements, food sources and more. Draft a damage assessment of the infested area and an entry point evaluation to identify the type of rodent and where they’re getting in.
  2. Treat or Trap: Depending on the type of rodent we will use baiting or trapping (humane methods are always chosen first). We will also remove any droppings apply antimicrobial and re-mediate/restore the attic and basement and/or crawlspace make any necessary repairs to your home or business (replace insulation, repair ductwork and wiring, etc.)
  3. Exclude: sealing the house or business to ensure we’re not just putting a band-aid on the problem.
  4. Monitor: the environment in and around your home is constantly changing. With monitoring Smart Solutions can suggest additional control measures to help keep rodents out.

In addition we give you suggestions to keep future problems from reoccurring like habitat modifications, source reductions of excess water, food sources, and possible shelter for rodents.

Unique Rodent Problems Require Unique Solutions

We specialize in a variety of rodents that can cause problems in your home. At Smart Solutions, we approach each problem with a humane customized solution that will help you get rid of these rodents, who often have unique ways of getting into your home.

  • Rats/Mice – Rats can reproduce quickly, which can turn a small problem into a large one quickly. They can make their way in to the smallest gaps easily and are attracted to food.
  • Squirrels – Gray squirrels and flying squirrels are commonly found in Georgia and can do some serious damage to your attics, chimneys, and other areas. They love to chew and burrow, and can tear up your insulation, wiring, ductwork, and piping.
  • Chipmunks
  • Voles

Smart Solutions To Your Rodent Problems — Only A Call Or Click Away

If you live in Atlanta or a neighboring community and you’re looking for a 5-star, fully licensed, insured, and certified team of rodent experts to offer humane and effective solutions to your rat, chipmunk, vole, or squirrel problem, give Smart Solutions a call. We’ll help you reclaim your home or business and prevent future problems and damage. Call(678) 789-4016 or request a free estimate online today.

When it comes to attic remediation and sanitization, you won’t find any more professional services than we provide to all our customers.

Below are some before and after photos showing how we've helped our clients take care of improperly or missed sealed areas that can cause you rodent problems in your home: