Yellow Jacket Control In Atlanta, GA


Is simply entering and leaving your home or business a stressful activity because of the amount of yellow jackets congregating around your entrance? If so, our team is just the group of professionals you need to solve your insect issues.


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Benefits Of Yellow Jackets

Even though these stinging insects can be pretty annoying if they’re built a nest by your home or business, they aren’t all bad. Yellow jackets assist with the pollination process and provide natural pest control as they eat small insects that would otherwise feed on gardens and other vegetation.

While it may be difficult to identify and differentiate yellow jackets from other stinging insects like wasps and bees, here are a few of the key markers to look for to make sure that you’re dealing with a yellow jacket infestation.

  • Mostly black head with yellow stripes
  • Mostly yellow body with black stripes
  • Around ½ inch long
  • Thin waist
  • Six legs
  • Hairless 


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Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

Whether you have a large number of yellow jackets congregating around your home entrance, or a nuisance yellow jacket problem keeping patrons away from your commercial property, it’s time to contact the professionals at Smart Solutions Wildlife Control.

Our team will provide you with high quality yellow jacket pest control services so you and your patrons can live in peace once again. Call today!

Our process to treat for yellow jackets:

  • We will observe the flight patterns and approach from the opposite direction in between shifts of wasps flying in and out of the nest.
  • It may take two treatments
  • There is no need to remove nests unless very mature.
  • Exclusion can prevent future nesting.

Yellow Jacket Dangers

While yellow jackets do have some benefits to their presence they also can cause danger to humans. For those who are allergic, a sting from a yellow jacket can be a dangerous situation. Also, their stinger will not get stuck in human skin, so it’s able to sting its victim multiple times.

Because of these dangers, we receive many calls from home and business owners in the Atlanta area to remove these insects. You can be sure that our team will get rid of these insects quickly and effectively due to our many years of experience serving the Atlanta area.