What is Bird Netting

One of the most common treatments for keeping Atlanta nuisance birds out of large spaces is netting. It can be used in small spaces as well but no matter the space, netting is a discrete, effective method to use for bird control. It does not only stop them from entering a space, it can also prevent them from roosting there.

The netting creates a physical barrier without interfering with the view or aesthetic of the location because it is not easily seen from a distance. It is made in many different gauges or thicknesses. Our team will use the one that is appropriate for your particular situation. We will factor in the size and type of birds that are gathering as well as the type of structure.

Netting is not harmful to the birds and is safe for the environment making it a popular, widely used option. It is also an affordable method that will last for many years.

Where can Bird Netting be Used

Many large businesses use this method to keep birds from interfering with their patrons, visitors and employees. Aggressive, invasive birds and the droppings they create are unwanted problems to any business. This problem can be very difficult to deal with, particularly in large outdoor spaces. We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation where we will access your property and provide you with an estimate for netting and installation at your business.

Common Areas For Bird Netting In Atlanta

Historical Sites
Commercial Buildings

Box Stores
Tourist Attractions
Industrial Buildings
Golf courses
Loading Docks
Parking Garages

How is Bird Netting installed

This netting can be installed easily by Smart Solutions. It can be bolted directly to the building or structure and will be protected with stainless steel hardware. In large spaces rope or wire that is pulled tightly will be the support for the netting. There are many colors to choose from so you can be sure it will not affect the look of your structure and will usually match it well enough to blend right in. We know that you do not want your bird prevention to stand out or destroy the look of your space.

Netting is usually unnoticed by most people. Our team of professionals will use care when installing, so you do not need to worry about architectural damages. You do not want to attempt to install it on your own, especially at a commercial location as secure installation is vital to the safety of your employees and customers.

Many bird species carry diseases, mites and other less than desirable things and the droppings they produce can be very hard on your building and landscaping. You do not want to allow them to stay and nest in any high traffic areas. Your business can be negatively affected by these pests. Contact us today if you have any nuisance bird issues. We will schedule you for a free consultation and provide you with a plan to eliminate this problem.