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Bat Problems In Your Home?

Is it one bat or many? If you answer yes to the following questions, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a bat colony:

  • Have you identified guano anywhere in your home or office? Bat droppings are shiny (due to undigested insect and mosquito wings) and break apart, unlike hardened mice/rat droppings. Check attics and chimneys to start.
  • Have you seen bats flying away from your home or office just after sunset?
  • Do you hear strange sounds (like scratching) coming from your attic or other areas of the home or office?
  • Do you smell ammonia in your space?

Whether you have a bat flying solo in your office or you have an entire attic infestation, you want them out and you want them out quickly. But trapping and releasing a bat — especially if there are multiple in your home or office — can be time-consuming and a bit frightening for both you and the bat.

Additionally, bats are federally protected, so killing them as a means of “solving the problem” is not only cruel, it’s forbidden by law. Law also forbids the fumigation or sealing of the home while bats are out dining on bugs, as juvenile bats could be left behind to die.  We follow all state and federal guidelines for the safety of bats and the homeowners.

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Fast, Humane Bat Exclusion & Relocation Performed By Licensed Experts

Our team of certified, licensed, and insured wildlife removal experts has the live traps, equipment, techniques, and experience to quickly and humanely remove every last one of these federally-protected flyers from your residential or commercial space and relocate them. We understand the urgency and we’ll make sure your family, employees, customers, and the bats themselves remain unharmed during the process.

Once the bats are removed, we’ll make sure they stay out by sealing all bat entry points in the home or business. We’ll also assess any damage and provide you with an estimate for repairs, including what those repairs will entail.

Our team will thoroughly inspect your home, office, or attic, and pinpoint and seal even the smallest bat entry points. We’ll also remove any guano, replace guano-damaged wood, insulation, or other materials, and sanitize the entire space.  And because of our background and decades of experience in construction, you can expect the job to be done right.


Q – What is the best way to deal with a bat problem?
A – Hire a licensed professional. There are federal and state guidelines when dealing with removing and keeping out bats. The best process is to exclude them from the structure by bat proofing the home.
Q – Are bat droppings/bat guano toxic?
A – Bat droppings can contain the histoplasma capulatum fungus that can cause a fatal and incurable lung disease.