Jay is very professional and totally sealed our house. No more squirrels and critters lurking around trying to make a nest. Thanks for a great job.

– Michael K

I use Smart Solutions for all of my home repairs and animal removal needs for my house and my rental properties. The service is fast, reliable and doesn’t break the bank!

– Frances W

Local, knowledgeable, trustworthy, “can do” personalities who are experts in pest, rodent, beehive, you name it removal, as well as construction repairs and preventative maintenance. They’re excellent professionals in both aspects of the business who go above and beyond. We’re so happy to have found them and highly recommend the industrious folks at Smart Solutions. They are thorough, detailed and tenacious and used the best products/treatment plan for our home with kids. They inspected our property inside and out, explained the process and products, helped us with pest control (even the insects hiding in our sky high gutters), a large beehive way up on the third floor, mosquitos in our yard, and rodent/bug proofing. Fair pricing compared to other businesses in the area. We love that they are a one stop shop and can handle the pest control and repair…and then some. Jay, one of the owners is also as one reviewer put it a very “cool” person.

– Murphy B

Work done in a professional manner by personable people. Made a thorough initial inspection of my home (with photos to illustrate problems), took my concerns to heart, and were clear and concise in how they went about fixing the problem. This is not an inexpensive process, no matter who you use. But I have used a bigger company in the past, and I found Smart Solutions to be more responsive, and more thorough. My experience was a good one. Give them a call.

– Amy R

If you have rats or other critters throwing a party in your house, then you HAVE to use Smart Solutions to remove them. I have used other companies before and I have spent a lot of wasted money getting the critters removed and “sealed in”…..only to have the animals return. I trust Jay and Sean. I can call them and Jay is out to my house immediately doing a thorough check of the situation. I love that he takes pictures to show me what needs to be done and then after he is done, he takes more pictures to show me that he completed the work (I appreciate this because I am not going to crawl on the roof to inspect his work). They are attentive, patient and did a great job of educating me on my situation. COMPLETELY recommend them.

– James A

We had a prolonged, persistent rodent problem in our attic which frustrated all our efforts to eliminate. Smart Solutions is an excellent company- they solved it. Co-owner Shawn Jovingo came and did a free consult on our entire problem. He spent a couple of hours surveying all possible access points: our attic, basement, and all over our roof, which has four dormers and multiple cut-ins. He reviewed his findings with me, showing me smartphone photos of perhaps two dozen small openings, possible access points, which I would never have seen or found. Shawn outlined a comprehensive plan to attack the problem, and it was reasonable and made total sense. We signed an agreement with Smart Solutions to do the work. Shawn and his partner Jay are both highly professional. They have university degrees in wildlife management, and significant home construction experience, so they know how to craft the best solutions, mechanically and in carpentry. They are courteous, friendly, punctual and respectful of your home; they keep in frequent contact and work around your schedule. They are also keenly sensitive to the “touchy” nature of a rodent problem with respect to neighbors and relatives; they know how to be diplomatic in their dealings, and their trucks have no give-away signage. On one occasion Jay stayed in his truck, away from our house, until a visitor had left. We give the highest recommendation to Smart Solutions.

– Jim A

Our pest control man was combating a rodent infestation of our attic for many months with no success. At his suggestion I contacted Smart Solutions and met with Shawn Jovinga, who went onto our roof and took photos of the many openings there. He showed me this evidence, and related their background and approach to fix the problem. I thought the price was very reasonable, and signed up.
I cannot say enough good things about Shawn and his partner Jay Vincent. Our house is old (1929) and settling resulted in many points of access. These gents are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, punctual, friendly- and persistent. There were two times when we thought the problem solved, only to find out that the pests had reappeared. Jay finally found a hidden access point, sealed it off, and so, success. Smart Solutions is a first-rate operation. They know what they are doing. If you have critters in your house that don’t belong there, do yourself a favor and retain Shawn and Jay to get rid of them. You will be glad you did.

– Brady B

Jay and his crew did a great job! Their services are very reasonably priced, Jay took his time on the initial inspection, and they came to work when they said they would. Their work is thorough and I am very happy with it. I will be using Smart Solutions again for any and all pest control issues that come up again. I really can’t recommend Smart Solutions highly enough.

– Regan T

Jay did an amazing job proofing our house to make sure no animals get in to it. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. Not only was his rate competitive but he also completed the work promptly. I would highly recommend him and his company. Thanks for doing an amazing job.

– Elizabeth M

Contacted them recently because of a bad smell in my condo kitchen. They found a dead squirrel in the stove vent pipe which they removed and then cleaned and deodorized the vent. They also sealed the vent pipe from the exterior with a screen. This was no small feat since the vent was about 3 stories above the ground on a sloping hill. They were fast, professional, and very nice to deal with. I would highly recommend this service!

– J. Douglass

I discovered Smart Solutions by noticing their truck visiting a neighbor’s home. Most of their business comes from word-of-mouth referrals, not advertising. I was pleased with their work and am happy to recommend this company.
I live in an older Atlanta neighborhood where there are lots of big trees and wildlife — mostly grey squirrels, but some nocturnal rodents, too. This is the 3rd time in 12 years we’ve had rodents in our attic, but our first time using Smart Solutions to perform the work. I believe the critters are permanently excluded now.

Smart Solutions’ price was reasonable — not cheap, but certainly fair. Jay and Shawn were knowledgeable and reliable. Jay did the inspecting, trapping, and exclusion work. He found that prior workmen had left lots of gaps all along the second-story roof line (where I couldn’t see it). He closed all the gaps and fastened metal sheathing all the way around the roof line, with extra metal at the corners where squirrels love to gnaw.

Jay found two locations where the roof itself was damaged and needed repairs to prevent water and critters from getting in. His partner Shawn did those repairs, and his work looks excellent.

Both Jay and Shawn took before-and-after pictures with their phones while they worked, so I could see exactly what they did without climbing a ladder. When they finished this job, they gave me a one year guarantee that is renewable. It’s also transferable to a new owner if I choose to sell my home.

I found Jay and Shawn to be easy to work with, reliable, and trustworthy. I did not worry at all about leaving them alone on the property. They performed their jobs with integrity. I would not hesitate to use Smart Solutions again. I would recommend this company to friends and neighbors.

– Jackie B

Great experience trapping a raccoon who took up residence in my backyard, rehoming him. Very responsive to requests and questions.

The size of our service area can also tell you a lot about us and our commitment to customer safety throughout the greater metro Atlanta area.