Raccoons in Crawl Space

If your Atlanta home or deck has a crawl space, you may have raccoons living there. These masked creatures are very smart and have hands that allow them to move things easily. They can find their way through things other animals can’t. Drains, vents, siding and other areas are accessed pretty easily for them. Even exterior coverings like siding are vulnerable entries. Because of their size, it is usually not difficult to find the entry location, which will make trapping easier. If they are under your home, there will likely be damage. You will also hear noises, especially at night since they are nocturnal animals. If you are hearing noises under your home, please contact us right away. We can find the creatures and assess the damage they have made.

a sneaky little raccoon
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Damages from Raccoons Under Your Home

Any home with a crawl space will have accessible electrical wires, HVAC ducts, pipes, insulation and vapor barriers. Damages to these systems can add up very fast and raccoons like to destroy most of them. Their claw-like hands can tear ducts causing your HVAC to work poorly and circulate bacteria from raccoon urine and feces through your home. This can lead to respiratory problems for your family. They will also destroy insulation, tearing pieces to make nests for their young. Insulation can also be saturated with urine and feces and may need to be completely replaced.

These animals also love to chew through electrical wiring. You may notice lights flickering or appliances not working due to chewing or pulling on those wires. The last thing you need is wiring that becomes a fire hazard. Raccoons can be very aggressive animals when they feel threatened or when they are protecting their young. Do not attempt to remove them on your own. Call us before costly damages occur. We will trap them humanely and safely.

Clean up and Repairs from Raccoon Damage in Crawl Space

After the raccoons have been removed and we have inspected the crawl space we will begin the clean up and repairs. Our team can replace damaged insulation or vapor barrier if necessary. We can repair HVAC ducts and identify any wiring that has been chewed or pulled. We will also repair the entry point and seal it so more raccoons or other animals can’t get into the crawlspace. The area will be completely decontaminated. Again, make sure you do not attempt this on your own. Call us to schedule an appointment as soon as you see a problem.