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Raccoons and opossums are common trouble-makers in the greater Atlanta area. Why? Because we have cozy attics and crawl spaces and lots of food waste and trash for them to go through! But these animals can be a real problem, a problem that extends beyond just an overturned trash can.


Raccoons are curious little animals and that curiosity could lead them into your home or commercial space. They can make their way in through soffits, flashing, foundations, vents, chimneys, and other areas, and once inside, they can do a lot more than just disrupt your sleep!

  • They’re destructive. Raccoons love to raise families in attics and crawl spaces. To find their way inside, they will make an entrance and tear through your siding, and while inside, their hobbies include: damaging your insulation, ripping up ductwork, damaging woodwork, and relieving themselves wherever they can.
  • They’re disruptive. Raccoons are nocturnal and noisy! You may hear them stomping and romping around your attic and chattering late at night or early in the morning.
  • They’re a threat to your health. Raccoons can expose you, your family, and your pets to roundworm, fleas, and other parasites and diseases in their feces.

Raccoons are also known carriers of rabies. If threatened, these animals may attack you or your pets, so it’s best to leave a raccoon problem to experienced wildlife removal experts.

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Ask About Our Lifetime Warranty


Like raccoons, opossums are curious about our homes and businesses. They’re natural climbers and can use claws and teeth to tear at siding, shingles, soffits, vents, and other areas of the home or commercial property in order to gain access to attics, crawlspaces, and other dark and cozy places.

Also like raccoons, opossums are destructive, disruptive, and a threat to your health. Although you don’t typically need to worry about rabies when it comes to opossums, these critters do carry other diseases, like tuberculosis, and when feeling threatened, they can become aggressive and hurt you or your pets.

Signs Of A Raccoon Or Opossum Infestation

  • Both raccoons and opossums can tear up the exterior of your home or business in order to gain access to the interior. Check gutters, siding, flashing, soffits, vents, and the roof for signs of damage.
  • Both raccoons and opossums will happily scarf down any pet food you have outside of the home, so if you’ve been feeding your cat or dog outdoors and Fido or Miss Kitty seem to be eating more than usual, they may be unwillingly and unknowingly sharing their food.
  • Follow your nose! Raccoons and opossums have very smelly droppings, and if these droppings accumulate, they can seep through areas of the building (like insulation and ceilings). These critters can also get stuck in architectural gaps, wiring, or other areas of the home or business and die there. And that’s a smell you can’t miss.
  • If there’s one thing raccoons and opossums aren’t, it’s quiet. Listen for sounds of scratching, walking, chattering, hissing, and other strange sounds in your attic, walls, and crawlspace.

What Should You Do If You Have A Raccoon Or Opossum In Your Home Or Workplace?

If you think you have a raccoon or opossum or a whole family of them living on your property or in your home or office space, give Smart Solutions a call. We’ll quickly locate any entry points, set up live traps and make sure every last animal is removed, including raccoon kits and baby opossums.

Once the animals are out, we’ll seal up every entry point, make repairs to damaged areas of the home or business, and sanitize and deodorize the structure as well.

Always call on licensed professionals like Smart Solutions if you’re having trouble with an animal in or around your home. Our team is listed with the Department of Natural Resources as nuisance wildlife control experts and we have the tools, techniques, methods, and understanding of animal behavior to quickly and safely remove raccoons and opossums.

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Do you have a raccoon or opossum problem? Give us a call at (678) 789-4016 or request an inspection online and our nationally trained, fully licensed and insured wildlife removal experts will head over ASAP, whether you’re in Brookhaven, Peachtree City, Acworth, or somewhere else in the greater Atlanta area. Call today — we’ll get animals out and keep them out — guaranteed.


You definitely don’t want to be sharing your living space with snakes, so call Smart Solutions for professional, reliable wildlife exclusion service today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do raccoons carry rabies
A – Yes high percentages of raccoons can carry the rabies virus. There should be extreme caution practiced when approaching, apprehending and trapping raccoons. This should only be done by a licensed professional.
Q – If I trim the tree branches that overhang the house will it keep the raccoons off the house?
A – Trimming or removing the tree branches from the home is always a good idea but it’s not a solve all for animal problems. Animals including raccoons can climb downspouts, wood trim and siding corners in order to access the roof.