Raccoons in Chimney

Racoons are surprisingly good climbers! Even though your chimney may be the tallest part of your Atlanta home, it is still attractive to raccoons. When they are looking for a dry, warm and safe place to live, they will go wherever they can. This is especially true when it is time to have baby raccoons. Most of the time you can hear them in your chimney. Listen for scratching and thumping noises. Since they are larger animals it is hard for them to remain quiet as they move around. If you hear these noises, contact us right away.

Chimney Damages from Raccoons

Allowing raccoons to stay in your chimney will turn into costly damages in no time. It is best to have them removed quickly. Chimneys are usually covered by a chimney cap, this will be the first thing damaged. Next is the flue. When animals are living there, feces and urine will build up on the flue making it dangerous to light a fire in your fireplace. The worst problem is when a raccoon dies in your chimney. This can cause horrible odor in your home. If they have brought in sticks and other nesting materials you have a fire hazard to deal with. The damages can be extensive when not caught early. Call us right away for help, we have the proper tools and experience to access this tall, narrow space safely.

Chimney Repairs from Raccoons

Once the animals have been safely removed from the chimney, we will inspect for damage. We will start by cleaning out the chimney of any nesting materials and raccoon waste. Making sure they can’t return is one of our goals so we will make sure the chimney cap is updated and replaced. We also want to make sure your fireplace is safe to use. The flue will be examined and replaced if necessary. If flashing or siding was damaged, we can replace that as well. Please let us know right away if you have animals like raccoons in your chimney. We will be there to make sure they are removed quickly.