Birds in Chimney

Birds are always looking for a great spot to nest. In more urban areas like the Atlanta area, they have to be creative sometimes. Instead of trees, they will sometimes make nests in chimneys. This can create problems for area homeowners. One issue is noise. If birds get trapped in your chimney you will hear flapping, scraping and chirping. It can be extremely difficult for them to get out on their own so you will hear the struggle. It is very dangerous to remove a nest or a bird from the top of a chimney. We have the equipment and training to do this safely. Please call us for help.

If you have a bird or birds in your chimney you will not be able to safely use your fireplace. Opening the flue could lead to birds inside your home. There can be a fire hazard from the birds as well. Many times they will bring flammable nesting materials into the chimney. It is a bad idea to light a fire with anything in the chimney. Bird droppings in the chimney can also contain parasites, bacteria and mites that can make your family sick. If a bird dies in the chimney you may also have a foul odor coming from your fireplace. We can help you avoid all of these issues.

Chimney Damage from Birds

Along with the damage from droppings or dead birds, there is also the entry point. Most of the time, the birds have entered your chimney through an old chimney cap. We will inspect the chimney to make sure we locate the entry point and replace the cap with an updated one designed to keep the birds out for good. Call us today to schedule an inspection if you hear a bird in your chimney.