Do you have Bats in your Attic?

Your attic is the perfect place for bats to form colonies. Most attics are dark, warm places that are not usually filled with people. This makes it one of the most common calls we get in the Atlanta metro area. Bats are very active in late spring to late fall. This is when they are giving birth and need a place to protect their young from the elements. Your attic can provide the shelter they will look for. A few bats can turn into a very large colony if left undisturbed. Make no mistake, these creatures can be very harmful to humans and homes. It is best to have them safely removed by a professional. Please contact us for bat removal and exclusion. Our goal is to keep them out for good.

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Attic Damage from Bats

Damages from bats in your attic can be extensive and costly to repair. Wood, drywall and insulation are common damaged areas from bat infestation. The entry point will likely be the first affected area. Even though they can enter a space less than an inch wide , over time the opening can show signs of damage. Guano or bat droppings will be the worst source of damage. The more bats, the more guano. These toxic droppings are filled with bacteria and parasites. Air contamination can occur if these toxins enter the HVAC system in your home causing respiratory issues for you and your family.
The worst of the damage will most likely involve your insulation. A colony of bats can create a large amount of guano and urine. This type of contamination can mean that insulation may need to be removed and replaced. You can avoid the costly repairs to insulation, wood, soffits and other surfaces by catching the problem early. Call us for help if you are hearing noises in your attic, seeing bats gathering near your home or notice a foul odor coming from your attic. We can help rid your home of these pests.

Clean Up and Bat Exclusion

While bats are good for the environment, they are not good for your home or attic. They are not creatures you want to encounter without proper training or equipment. Exposure to the bats or their guano can be dangerous for humans and should only be done by professionals. An inspection will show us the extent of the infestation and from there we can remove the bats from your attic safely and humanely. Once your home is rid of the animals, clean up can begin. We will deodorize the area and remove any contaminated insulation, drywall or wood. We can replace the insulation and repair wood or drywall as needed. If there is any damage to electrical wiring or vents we can make sure they are repaired and taken care of as well.
One of the most important parts of our process is exclusion. This means making sure there are no vulnerable entry points after the bats are gone. We want to ensure that the bats can not find their way back in. We will locate the entry used and make the necessary repairs and inspect the attic for any other possible entries. All vulnerable areas will be sealed. You will want to avoid a repeat situation with these nuisance animals. Please contact us as soon as you think you have a bat in your attic.

Attic Clean Up And Decontamination