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Are you currently suffering from a bed bug infestation at your home in the greater Atlanta, GA area? We have the solution.

Here at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal our team specializes in providing companies and homeowners with high quality earwig pest control treatment services throughout the greater Atlanta metro area and beyond. Our seasoned earwig removal team knows that any kind of pest infestation is not fun to live with. That’s why we work hard to get rid of nuisance earwigs as fast and effectively as possible.


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Identifying Earwigs

Earwigs look like fearsome critters when you come across them, even though they’re only about one inch in length. With the pincers they have on their tails, they can look fairly formidable. However, these little critters are not known for biting humans or carrying diseases. If you’re looking to identify an insect in your home that may be an earwig, here are a few identifying factors:

  • Around ½ to 1 inch long
  • Skinny, brown/black body
  • Pincers on tail
  • Nocturnal
  • Feed on plants


Remove Earwigs From Your Home

These nuisance insects do not cause danger to humans as they rarely have interaction because of their nocturnal nature. However they can cause damage to gardens and indoor plants as they eat leaves and other plant matter.

If there is an excess of earwigs that have found their way into your home or garden, contact the earwig removal professionals at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal. Our team has many years of experience providing high quality earwig pest control at homes and businesses in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Call our professional earwig removal technicians today to get rid of your current earwig infestation!