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How to keep Squirrels out

After the initial steps of trapping and removal of the squirrels, we need to exclude them from your home. When this step is skipped, squirrels and other rodents always find their way back in and you have another infestation to worry about. Many homeowners try to keep them out with general repairs and are not successful. Squirrels are determined creatures with teeth that can chew through a lot of materials. There are also laws in place that protect animals from materials that are toxic. You will need a licensed professional to complete the exclusion process properly.

Don’t let their fluffy tails fool you, squirrels can be difficult and even dangerous. We have a team of experts with years of experience to help you. A team that is well versed in all methods of exclusion ranging from general repairs to the latest technology. Starting by locating openings or entry points and sealing them and then identifying what areas could be used as future entry points and strengthening them. We have seen what these animals are capable of and how they think. Whether you have a home or business with a squirrel problem, we are here to help.