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When animals get into your crawlspace or attic, they really do a lot of contaminate damage and even cause structural damage. They also leave the place messy, smelly, and unsafe. It can also be hazardous to the health of you and your family — or in the case of an office infestation, your customers and employees.

We Install, Remove & Replace Insulation Throughout Atlanta

You want to make sure the animals are humanely removed and prevented from re-entering and we can do that. You also need someone to come in and clean up, sanitize, repair, and restore the area. We can do that as well. Whether insulation replacement due to damage or contamination, we can help you restore your attic. We can safely do insulation removal and replacement in your home.  Our technicians have the equipment to make sure that your home does not become contaminated with the soiled insulation.
We specialize in attic and crawlspace remediation and sanitization, and with our 20+ years of construction experience, you can be confident we’ll do the job right. Whether you’ve had squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, or opossums in your space, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Wildlife Damage In Attic or Crawlspace

  • Squirrels — Squirrels are big chewers and love playing in insulation, scratching at walls, and leaving acorns and other goodies all throughout the attic.
  • Birds — Birds can cause a great deal of damage to insulation, vents, chimneys.  Their droppings are toxic and their nesting materials are a fire hazzard.
  • Rats/Mice — Rats and mice scratch at insulation and walls and can leave droppings just about everywhere. They also urinate wherever they are and their urine and droppings can cause respiratory diseases when particles are inhaled. If duct work in the attic is damaged by the rodents you could have air quality issues. The HVAC system could be pulling those particles in and distributing them in the air throughout your home or office. Mice and rats are also notorious for chewing and gnawing on insulation, drywall, electrical wires, plumbing, HVAC, and more
  • Bats — Bats can scratch away at the inside of your attic and defecate throughout the space. Bat droppings can cause serious lung infections in those who breathe in the spores and particles. Unlike mice and rat droppings, bat droppings usually pile up in just a few places. The weight can quickly become a burden on ceilings and drywall. This could lead to sagging, collapsing, and other damage to the space. Likewise, bat guano and urine is corrosive and can lead to wood rot and other damage.
  • Raccoons/Opossums — Raccoons and opossums have larger droppings than rodents, but like rodent droppings, raccoon/opossum droppings can carry parasites and disease. In addition to the waste they leave, raccoons cause a lot of damage. These critters tear up insulation, chew on wiring, damage ductwork, and often fall down into walls, scratching and clawing to get out. Raccoons and opossums also frequently damage soffits, vents, eaves, flashing, and other building materials in an attempt to break in to the cozy crawlspace or attic.

The waste of all of these animals can actually attract even more creepies and crawlies, so that’s one more reason to have the waste removed and properly neutralized and deodorized ASAP.

How We Help

Insulation replacement atlantaHere at Smart Solutions, we specialize in full attic remediation and sanitization. We have the expertise, equipment, techniques, and equipment needed to get the job done right.

  • First we clean! Whether you have an attic full of guano or rodent droppings, we’ll clean the place top to bottom. Our industrial grade air scrubbing equipment and machinery sanitize the space, eradicate odors, kill viruses, and restore safety and cleanliness. We create a safe air space between the home and the cleaning space by installing air curtains and industrial air cleaners. We use anti-microbial enzymes and specialized odor eliminators to decontaminate; so your space will be fresh and clean.
  • Next, we restore! We have more than 20 years of construction experience and can replace insulation, rotted wood, and destroyed or damaged drywall, and electrical wiring.  We also offer custom on-site metal fabrication and perforated metal to properly seal vents, gaps in eaves, etc.
  • Finally, we seal! Now that you’ve invested time and money into having your attic restored, you want to make sure it stays animal-free. We fully inspect every area of the home or business to make sure every last entry point is properly and professionally sealed against future animal intruders. Animals like bats only need about a 3/8” gap to enter the home or business, but you can expect us to seal every last opening so you don’t have a problem in the future. Some methods of “sealing” up attics and crawlspaces can actually cause harm to the structure itself, but we know construction and we know code, so you can trust that our fully licensed and insured experts will restore your home or office the right way.

We’ll also document the entire process (and all of the damage done by the animals) so you have it for insurance purposes or for your records.
Have animals turned your attic or crawlspace into a wasteland? Call Smart Solutions at (678) 789-4016 or request a free inspection right here on our website.

We’ll provide you with an estimate for repairs, remediation, and sanitization, so you can enjoy a cleaner, safer, healthier home and business.
You can rely on results when you contact us for professional pest control. Find out more about this and all our other services today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Should I have the animal droppings and damage removed from my attic and replace my insulation?
A – We highly recommend properly restore and remediate the attic. We follow the guidelines laid out by ICRC cleaning and restoration institute. Specialized equipment and techniques are used to ensure that the home is safe from any particulates and contagions contained in the attic or crawlspace while performing a restoration.
Q – Will new insulation help my electric and gas bills?
A – New insulation when properly installed can help reduce electric and gas bills up to 25-50%. Hiring a knowledgeable company is very important when insulating a home. Air sealing, baffling and using the proper insulation for the situation is highly effective at reducing utility bills.