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We Humanely Remove Birds From Commercial & Residential Properties & Offer Effective Bird Control Services

Here in the greater Atlanta area, we have a host of beautiful birds, from eastern bluebirds and yellow-rumped warblers to eastern towhee, American goldfinch, red-headed woodpeckers, and chipping sparrows. But even the most avid birdwatcher doesn’t want birds nesting, roosting, or pecking on or in their home or business.

Have you spotted excessive bird droppings on your residential or commercial property? Have you noticed birds perching on ledges, signs, or AC units, or flying out of dormers or other areas of your home or business? Smart Solutions — Atlanta’s most experienced and qualified wildlife removal experts — can help. We specialize in the removal and determent of all types of birds and we know what it takes to keep them from coming back.

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Bird Removal Atlanta GA

Pigeon & Nuisance Bird Removal & Control

Birds can cause a lot of damage to commercial and residential properties, and it’s not uncommon for birds like pigeons, starlings, and sparrows to perch on rooftops, get into exhaust vents, dryer vents, and attic spaces, and leave their droppings just about everywhere.

The problem isn’t only that these birds can be noisy and disruptive to your home or work life; their acidic droppings can mar the aesthetic of your home or business and contain bacteria which can be harmful to the health of you, your family, your co-workers, and your customers.

Naturally you want your home or business to be a safe place that reflects who you are, but as beautiful as they can be, birds can threaten both the looks and safety of your property.

Protect your home or business against the damage and destruction these birds can cause by calling on Smart Solutions. We’re certified pest control operators with years of experience in bird exclusion and nuisance bird control, and we know what it takes to bird-proof properties and prevent future issues with roosting, perching, and entry. 

Have birds made their way inside your home or business? Our team will catch and remove any birds, seal up any entry points, clean and disinfect the area (to get rid of any ectoparasites, such as fleas and mites), and make sure birds stay outside, where they belong.

Woodpecker & Song Bird Removal & Control

Are woodpeckers pecking away at your home or business? While woodpeckers and other song birds are protected, that doesn’t mean you have no choice but to let them continue damaging your chimney top, stucco, or wood structures. We have the training, techniques, and materials to effectively deter these birds and prevent them from returning and perching on your home or commercial property in the future.

Our Proven Bird Exclusion Techniques & Tools

Here at Smart Solutions, our staff of biologists and wildlife removal experts uses a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, products, techniques, and tools for bird control. Whether you need something to deter birds from perching and roosting or you need a roof vent guard or metal flashing to keep birds out of your home or office, we’ll take care of it. With Smart Solutions on the job, you can be confident every last entry point will be sealed up properly, in a way that keeps birds out but doesn’t negatively impact your structure. 

We have programs for many of the aggressive birds in Georgia. These birds can case damage and contaminate homes and businesses:

  • Canadian Geese
  • Crows
  • Vultures
  • Swallows
  • Grackles
  • Ravens
  • And More.

We perform hazing techniques with lasers and other equipment. We also prevent perching and roosting and nesting by installing bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire, bird slide motion and sound deterrents, lasers and more.

If birds have left droppings and other messes all throughout your attic, we can help with that, too. Our team specializes in attic remediation and sanitization and uses:

  • CDC approved sanitizers and enzymes 
  • HEPA vacuums

We’ll make sure the space is clean and free of parasites, bacteria, and other health hazards, so you can rest easy.

Our Wildlife Experts Are Here To Help Protect Your Property

Enjoy the beauty of Atlanta’s native birds without worrying about how they’re damaging your home or business. Call Smart Solutions and let our certified pest control operators and wildlife removal experts safeguard and bird-proof your commercial or residential property.

We guarantee honest and effective work to all of our customers throughout Roswell, Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, and the neighboring areas. Call (678) 789-4016 or request an appointment with a local wildlife expert online today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do birds carry diseases?
A – yes best birds can carry over 60 diseases. They carry more diseases than rodents.
Q – Are bird droppings harmful?
A – Bird droppings can destroy services including buildings, structures, cars and equipment. The droppings are highly corrosive because of the uric acid contained in the the droppings. They are also a health threat when inside or around buildings.