Own A Home Or Business In Buckhead? Let Smart Solutions Handle Your Pest, Bird, And Wildlife Invasion Issues

Wildlife or pest problems? We take care of everything. From removal and clean-up to repairs and prevention, we never miss or skip a step when it comes to wildlife exclusion. If you live in or near Buckhead, Sugar Creek, Swords, Greshamville, Carey, Parks Mill, Madison, Canaan, Beacon Heights, Shields, Glades Cross-Roads, Harmony, Peachtree City, Atlanta, or Alpharetta, our team is the one to trust.

Buckhead is a neighborhood located in the capital city of Atlanta, and it’s clearly made a name for itself. From upscale dining and a vibrant nightlife to countless unique and modern shops, Buckhead has everything a person needs to stay busy, entertained, and accommodated.

But if native birds, wildlife, or pests make their way into your home or business, Smart Solutions is here to help.

Our biologists and wildlife/pest control specialists have decades of experience removing animals and pests from residential and commercial properties humanely, and we can help, no matter what your issue may be. Leave exclusion to our pros — we’ll take care of it all.

The Animals Are Gone, But What About Everything They Left Behind?

Along with torn insulation, ruined furniture, ripped up ductwork, rotted wood, and chewed up wires, pests in your attic or crawlspace tend to leave behind a lot of urine and feces, which can lead to some nasty odors, damage, and health hazards. Most people don’t even want to mess with it because it can be dangerous, corrosive, and a big deal to clean up. No worries, let us help.

The team at Smart Solutions uses HEPA vacuums, top-of-the-line cleaners, and powerful (but safe) products to ensure your area is properly sanitized and back to normal in no time. After we’re done, we’ll put our 20 years of construction experience to work to get your home or business sealed up, restored, and looking great, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you trust in us, you get the quality, long-lasting results you deserve.

Along with attic remediation & sanitization, we offer pest control (home and commercial) and bird control. Our wildlife exclusion services include the humane removal of squirrels, rats/mice, raccoons/opossums, snakes, and bats.

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If you live on Ridgewood Road, Wesley Road, Howell Mill Road, Moores Mill Road, West Paces Ferry Road, Roswell Road, Blackland Road, Conway Drive, Piedmont Road, Ivy Road, Northside Drive, Arden Road, Wesley Road, Lindbergh Drive, Pharr Road, Collier Road, Habersham Road, Chateau Drive, Valley Road, Cherokee Road, Vernon Road, Brookdale Drive, or another street in the area and you need wildlife and pest removal/control services, count on our experts.

We’re members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Georgia Pest Control Association, and we staff Certified Pest Control Operators and Wildlife Control Operators, as well as expert biologists. For homeowners and business owners in Aqua, Thurston, Apalachee, Wrayswood, Rudden, Brookhaven, and Kennesaw, the choice is clear. Call 678-264-2767 or reach out to us here on our website to schedule today.

Don’t let your home in Brookhaven become a haven for unwanted pests, birds, rodents or snakes. Call on our team in your portion of our service area to take care of your wildlife control needs.