Squirrels, Rats, Or Raccoons Invading Your Home In Roswell? Smart Solutions Provides The Services You Need

Got some unwanted critters in your home in Roswell, Oak Chase, Boulder Creek, Plantation North, Carriage Lakes, North Forest, Sturbridge Village, Greenway, Garrards Crossing, Waterfront, Marietta, Alpharetta, or somewhere else nearby? Our team knows the ins and outs of wildlife removal and pest control like no one else.

What Sets Us Apart?

We know how it goes. You have a wildlife or pest problem, and you need help fast, but going through a long list of potential companies can be a time-consuming and stressful process. You need a go-to company that will bring you reliable care and great customer service every single time. Well, put us on your speed dial because, when you trust in the team at Smart Solutions, you get just that!

What makes us better than the competition? Well, on top of being nationally trained, as well as fully licensed and insured, we staff a team of expert biologists and have over 20 years in construction experience. Many wildlife removal companies will get the pests out, only to leave you with a huge mess and tons of damage… not us! We’ll sanitize the area and restore and seal your space, so you can put the issue behind you.

Here’s our service list:

Better Service, Better Care, And Better Quality

Our customers always deserve better, which is why we strive to offer the best in everything — from products and services to guarantees. We’ll get your home back to normal in no time and seal things up so animals and pests won’t return and wreak havoc again in the future. If you live in Atlanta, Coventry Green, Mountain Creek, Hedgerow, Chimney Lakes, Heartwood, Glenforest, or somewhere else nearby, give Smart Solutions a call at 678-264-2767 or click here to request a free inspection online.

Folks up in Marietta are relieved to know that, as part of our service area, they don’t have to worry about pest and wildlife problems in their homes or commercial spaces.