Commercial Bird Problems

You have a business in Braselton that may be affected by nuisance birds. Our job is to remove that problem for you. We are experts in all of the current methods of bird control so you don’t have to be. With restrictions and protected species laws, there is so much to consider, professional help is the best way to control the situation and stop these birds from negatively impacting your business.

Avoid inventory damages, structural damages, costly clean up, health code violations, slip and fall risks and other health risks. It is important to properly remove and prepare your business to keep birds away. We will complete a no cost, no obligation inspection and make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision about our fees and how we will treat your problem.

Types of Businesses In Need of Bird Control

There are many types commercial properties in Braselton affected by bird infestations. No matter how big, we can handle it for you. We are ready to help if you own or manage any of these types of properties:
Amusement Parks
Big Box Stores
Parking Garages
Commercial Buildings
Government Buildings
Golf Courses
Country Clubs

Types of Problem Birds

While there are many problematic birds, the most common are Pigeons. They are the number 1, most common nuisance bird. We also deal with buzzards, seagulls, sparrows, geese and more.

Some of these birds can be a challenge because they are protected by laws. We are aware of all the laws you may not be aware of and will use methods that comply with all laws.

Methods for Deterring Birds

We use a variety of deterring methods depending on the space and the type of bird we are dealing with. We will also take into account the aesthetic of your business when we choose the best method. Netting is commonly used in large open air spaces, spikes can be used on signs or other flat surfaces where nesting occurs and electric track is also a possibility. Lasers are sometimes used for crops and open spaces. Even dogs can be used at times when geese are a problem. They will herd them away from the property.

Please keep in mind that we will always remove and deter the birds in a safe and humane way. We will be effective so that your business can keep running smoothly without these invasive birds creating an unappealing, unhealthy environment for your customers and employees. The best decision you can make when dealing with unwelcome birds is to call us for help. Let us handle this problem so you can continue running your business. We are available for a no cost, no obligation inspection and estimate. Call us today if you are having a bird problem at your business.