Just like birds, rodents, and other wildlife big and small, bats periodically make their way into the home. They are quiet and most often go unseen unless you see them enter the home or building. A homeowner mayCommon Mistakes When Removing Bats Yourself - Atlanta GA - Smart Solutions find a bat when cleaning up an unused area of the home, an attic or basement, or often when moving into a new home that has sat empty. No matter how or where a bat enters your home or office, it is never a good idea to remove it yourself. For the sake of yourself and the bat, it’s important that your first call is to a professional.

It is Unlawful to Kill Bats

Whether on purpose or accidentally, it is against federal law to kill a bat. All six federally listed endangered bat species are protected under The Endangered Species Act of 1973 as well as the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1956. This means killing, poisoning, injuring, or trapping a bat is unlawful. You may not mean to kill the bat, but shooing a bat out of your home by using items such as brooms and even nets may injure it and result in death. Only a professional knows how to safely and humanely remove bats from a building.

Health Risks to Consider

Though not every bat carries rabies, it is a real risk. Being bitten by a bat may cause you to become ill, can cause an injury, require stitches or even tetanus and rabies shots. These things cost money, and may not be in your budget. Additionally, bat droppings, called guano, can quickly collect in and around your home. Guano carries Histoplasma capsulatam, a fungus that has microscopic, airborne spores that can affect the air in your home and cause an infection of the lungs. Bat guano and urine also cause odors in the home that will stick around long after the bat is removed.

Signs of a Bat Problem

Your bat problem may be a one-time occurrence, or it may your neighborhood bat’s new home! Whether it’s just for now, or an ongoing problem, noticing right away is the best way to stop it.

  • Guano is in your home or around the perimeter and on roofing
  • Bats fly near your house just after sunset
  • Sounds of flapping, scratching and screeching from the attic or basement
  • The smell of urine or ammonia is present and it’s not from pets.

Bat Removal and Relocation

At Smart Solutions, we have the solution for your bat problem. Our team of certified, licensed, and insured wildlife removal experts are trained and experienced in bat removal and relocation. We will inspect the area to determine the points of entry, and seal all potential bat entry points into the building. The main roosting sites have one way valves installed to allow bats to relocate. At this time we will also assess damage and recommend repairs with an estimate and description. Bats are small but can cause damage to the space. We remove guano, insulation, other soiled or damaged materials, and then sanitize the entire area where the bats inhabited.

If you live in Roswell, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Buckhead, or a nearby community, we can help with your bat problem. Call 678-264-2767 or request an appointment online today.