Get rid of pests and wildlife in your
home for good!

    Step 1

    Detailed inspection to
    assess problem

    Step 2

    Provide quote to
    remove pest

    Step 3

    Treat and remove pest
    or wildlife from property

    Step 4

    Sanitization and final
    clean up

    We take a holistic, long-term
    approach to wildlife exclusion

    Not only do we work to rid your home or business

    of wildlife, but we make sure to keep them out. All

    inspections are detailed and prevenatitive tactics

    are thought-out.

    Fast, effective, eco-Friendly
    pest control

    We offer both residential and commercial one-time

    and ongoing/maintenance pest control services

    throughout the Atlanta area. Two of the most

    common pests we come across are cockroaches

    and ants, but no matter what’s “bugging” you, Smart

    Solutions can help.

    Are pests or wildlife
    invading your home?
    Reach out to us
    today and we will
    solve your problem!