Bed Bug Removal In Roswell, GA

Are you currently suffering from a bed bug infestation at your home in the greater Roswell, GA area? We have the solution.

Here at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal we specialize in providing homeowners with the highest quality bed bug extermination and treatment services throughout the Roswell area. We understand that these situations are not easy to live with, which is why we want to help you get rid of them in the quickest and most effective way possible.


Identifying Bed Bugs

bed bug removal services in Atlanta/RoswellKnown for their activity during the night hours, bed bugs are small insects that are known for inhabited highly trafficked areas. Most commonly found in multi-unit dwellings such as apartments, hotels or the like, these are where the bugs can hitch a ride back home with you as they climb into luggage or backpacks. Here’s how to identify bed bugs:

  • Small – the size of an apple seed or 
  • Red or brown coloring
  • Flat body
  • Oval-shaped
  • Six legs


Common Bed Bug Symptoms

These tiny bugs are a real nuisance in homes within the Roswell area. If you’re wondering if you have a bed bug infestation, here are a few signs of their presence:

  • Small, red bumps on your skin
  • Itchy
  • Red marks on your face, arms or legs
  • Noticing a musty odor


Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Once our team has identified the issue and where the infestation is located, we will develop a customized plan to get rid of these tiny critters. While it may seem like they may be easy to find, it takes a pest control specialist who is trained in removing bed bugs to do so effectively.

Call the professional bed bug exterminators at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal today to get relief from your current bed bug infestation!

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