Pest Removal Solutions that Work!

Your home or office space can be inhabited by unwanted critters found in the Georgia area. Do you know if you have deteriorated trim and fascia boards, holes in attic vents, or an open chimney? While you may not be keeping close tabs on the condition of your house, you can bet the critters in your neighborhood are. Raccoons, squirrels, rats and other animals may seek shelter in your chimney or attic or under your porch or deck. A few simple steps will keep unwelcome visitors out of your house.  While you’re getting your house ready for a change in the season, make sure it’s wildlife-proofed as well.

Keep Weather and Wildlife Outdoors

Before closing, sealing, or capping any potential entry points, make absolutely sure there are no animals already inside. Your team at Smart Solutions has a specific process they use to locate and remove pests from your home.


  • Inspect attics with a flashlight for any signs of animals. Look for droppings, signs of chewing, and nesting material.
  • Pay attention to the intersection of roof and trim and any gable or exhaust vents. These are often covered with light bug screen that will not stand up to squirrels and raccoons.
  • If a hole is found, assume an animal is present and NEVER seal it up until you are completely sure that all animals are gone. Turn off attic lights and look for outside light leaking in, which will alert you to holes that could be potential entry points.


  • Check inside by shining a light up the flue, looking for animal signs on the damper and smoke shelf.
  • Check the chimney flue from the roof to make sure no animals are present.
  • Once all is clear, install an animal-proof chimney cap.

Other tips for You

  • Trash: Secure trash containers with cords, ropes, or weights, or put trash out the morning of collection, not the night before.
  • Trees/leaves: Keep branches trimmed six feet away from your house to not only limit access for wildlife, but to prevent damage to the roof that may allow animal entry in the future.
  • Clean up debris–-especially leaf piles–-in gutters and around the foundation.

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Smart Solutions is the best in the business here in Atlanta! From showing the utmost discretion and privacy when during the scheduled visits to the attentive customer service, Jay was awesome. He understood the phobia associated with the rodent issue I was dealing with and treated us like family the entire time, answering question after question and making himself available at any point his return was requested. All for a great price!