Seal Off Your Home From Raccoons!

You don’t want to be finding critters roaming around your home or office, especially if it is a raccoon or opossum! If you think you have a raccoon or opossum or a whole family of them living on your property, give Smart Solutions a call. We’ll quickly locate any entry points, set up live traps and make sure every last animal is removed, including raccoon kits and baby opossums.

You should always call on licensed professionals like Smart Solutions if you’re having trouble with an animal in or around your home. Our team is listed with the Department of Natural Resources as nuisance wildlife control experts and we have the tools, techniques, methods, and understanding of animal behavior to quickly and safely remove raccoons and opossums.

Raccoon Removal

They’re destructive. Raccoons love to raise families in attics and crawl spaces. Their hobbies include: damaging your insulation, ripping up ductwork, damaging woodwork, and relieving themselves wherever they can.

They’re disruptive. Raccoons are nocturnal and noisy! You may hear them stomping and romping around your attic and chattering late at night or early in the morning.

They’re a threat to your health. Raccoons can expose you, your family, and your pets to roundworm, fleas, and other parasites and diseases in their feces.

Opossum Removal

Like raccoons, opossums are curious about our homes and businesses. They’re natural climbers and can use claws and teeth to tear at siding, shingles, soffits, vents, and other areas of the home or commercial property in order to gain access to attics, crawlspaces, and other dark and cozy places.

Also like raccoons, opossums are destructive, disruptive, and a threat to your health. Although you don’t typically need to worry about rabies when it comes to opossums, these critters do carry other diseases, like tuberculosis, and when feeling threatened, they can become aggressive and hurt you or your pets.

Smart Solutions really blew me away with their service. Jay and his team went above and beyond addressing my rodent problem. I honestly think this is the best service I’ve experienced from any company regardless of the genre. They were always on time, were always on top of things and did everything they said they would do and more. I wish I could give them more than five stars. Thank you Jay! I’m going to recommend you to everyone! You guys are the absolute best!