Mice & Rats: Not the Unexpected Pets You Want to Be Caring For!

You never want to find critters crawling around your home causing damage to your property, especially if they are rats! There are several DIY methods and exterminators in the Atlanta area you may have heard of or tried, but if you’re tired of dealing with an ongoing rat/mice problem and you want to prevent larger problems, skip those steps and call Smart Solutions. We’re the premier rat/mice removal and prevention company in the state of Georgia and we’ll eliminate the problem from your property.

When dealing with a rat or mice problem here in the greater Atlanta area, we assess the site, ask questions to ensure we have a full understanding of your exact situation, and perform a three-point inspection:

  • an inspection of the attic, crawl space, or basement
  • a damage assessment of the infested area
  • and an entry point evaluation to identify what type of rodent is getting in, where they’re getting in, and how many there are

Not only will we remove all of the rats or mice, but we’ll also do all of the following:

  • remove any droppings
  • neutralize and clean the area
  • make any necessary repairs to your home or business (replace insulation, repair ductwork and wiring, etc.)
  • and begin sealing the house or business to ensure we’re not just putting a band-aid on the problem.

I had a rat infestation problem, and because of Jay, I no longer see droppings from the rats, hear noises from the rats, nor see any sign of them. Peace of Mind! This phrase summarizes the feeling that I have as a result of having used Smart Solutions!