Seal Your Attic From Critters and Protect Your Home

You do not want animals to get into your crawlspace or attic. They do a lot of damage structurally and leave the place messy, smelly, unsafe, and hazardous to the health of you and your family — or in the case of an office infestation, your customers and employees. You want to make sure the animals are humanely removed and prevented from re-entering, but you also need someone to come in and clean up, sanitize, repair, and restore the area. Whether you need your entire insulation replaced due to damage and contamination or just address certain sections, Smart Solutions can help you restore your attic.

What You Can Expect From Us

Here at Smart Solutions, we specialize in full attic remediation and sanitization and have the expertise, tools, techniques, and equipment needed to get the job done right.

  • First we clean! Our HEPA vacuums and powerful cleaners sanitize the space, eradicate odors, kill viruses, and restore safety and cleanliness. We use BAC-A-ZAP odor eliminator and DSV so your space will be fresh and clean.
  • Next, we restore! We have more than 20 years of construction experience and can replace insulation. We also offer custom on-site metal fabrication and properly screen vents with Ridge-Guard, seal gaps in eaves, etc.
  • Finally, we seal! We fully inspect every area of the home or business to make sure every last entry point is properly and professionally sealed against future animal intruders.Some methods of “sealing” up attics and crawlspaces can actually cause harm to the structure itself, but we know construction and we know code, so you can trust that our fully licensed and insured experts will restore your home or office the right way.

I had an issue with bats in my attic, did my research and followed up on a highly reviewed Company – Smart Solutions. From the 1st contact, Jay clearly detailed the procedure to remove the bats but more importantly what steps necessary required to prevent their reentry. Also the importance of sanitation and disinfectants . I am happy to say all has been accomplished within the advised time frame / price and now bat free. I am very satisfied and give a 5 Star Rating to Smart Solutions – Wildlife Removal. Thank You from Suwanee, GA.