Rodent Control Norcross

While mice and rats can be cute cartoon characters, they are not cute in your home. Thomas Wildlife Control is a Norcross, GA, based rodent removal company that offers excellent rodent removal services. Rodents are an extremely unhealthy presence in a home as they are known to carry diseases, so trust our professionals to effectively rid your home of these pests. The second you see signs of a rodent problem, call for help. Mice and rats are disease carriers and an infestation of rodents can go from small to huge in a very short time. Rodent bites can be an issue but the more common problem is the droppings. You may have a problem if you are hearing scratching at night or seeing droppings in your home. Mostly, they will be heard at night above the ceiling and sometimes in the walls.We are available to evaluate the situation and remove the pests from your Fulton County home. Call us to schedule an inspection.

Problems from Rodents

Rats and mice can be a huge problem for homes and businesses in Norcross, especially those near water sources. They are willing to go wherever they can find food and shelter and your home offers both. The most common place to see evidence of them in or near your food pantry or in the attic of your home. Along with the visible droppings there are other concerns.They can carry external parasites such as fleas, flies, maggots, ticks, and mites. Viruses, such as Hepatitis E, are not uncommon. They can even spread diseases to your pet by drinking from their bowls. Your kitchen can be contaminated making it difficult to safely prepare meals for your family. This is not a problem to take on without professional help.

Rodents In The Attic, Walls

The general rule with rodents is, if you see one, there are probably more. These creatures breed rapidly. Gestation is about 23 days and they usually have 6-12 in a litter so they multiply at a very fast rate. Do not put this off, it will get out of control. Waiting can lead to full on infestation. That can cause severe damages and increased health risks to you and your family. Your attic can be a great home for rats and mice but if they are living in your attic they are probably causing damages that you need experts to locate and repair. They will chew on electrical wiring that can turn into fire hazards. Plumbing is also vulnerable to their sharp little teeth. These are damages that will get worse the longer they are allowed to stay.

Rat Extermination and Damage Repair

Our team understands the behavior of rodents and will place traps in the best possible locations. We will set traps to capture any rodents that are in your home. We are experienced and we will safely rid your home of pests. After they are removed we can also complete any necessary repairs and clean up droppings, dead animals and replace materials that have been damaged. Materials like contaminated insulation or wood. Wiring, vents and plumbing will also need to be inspected and repaired. Leave it to us. Call and schedule an inspection and we will provide you with an estimate and a plan to protect your home or business in Norcross or Fulton County.