Need Bat Removal Services?

Are you currently suffering a bat infestation in your home or office? If you’re in this situation, it’s very important to remove these flying creatures as soon as possible – but how?

Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal can help.

With many years of experience serving the greater Acworth area, our bat removal professionals will quickly and effectively get rid of the bats in your commercial property or home. Even though bats are beneficial to the environment because of the amount of insects they eat during the night, they should not take up residence in your property.

In order to properly serve your needs we will provide you will one or many of the following services:

  • Bat removal
  • Bat control
  • Bat exclusion
  • Bat guano cleaning and sanitization


Health Risks Of Bat Infestations

Just like all other wildlife droppings, bat droppings can also be harmful if not cleaned up. However, bat droppings, or guano, create a unique danger because of its development of toxic spores which can be released into the air. These spores, if inhaled, can cause an individual to contract histoplasmosis, which is a severe lung infection. This infection can cause extreme sickness, especially to those who are immunocompromised or have other pre-existing health concerns.

While histoplasmosis is one danger, another risk is rabies. With bats being a common carrier of rabies, this can become a threat if bats come into physical contact with humans or pets.


Get Rid Of Bats

With bats being federally protected, killing these creatures in order to remove them from your home or commercial property is not a legal option to act on. As we seek to follow all state and federal bat guidelines, you can be assured that the Smart Solutions team will perform effective bat removal and exclusion services

Our licensed and insured bat control experts will utilize the best live traps and equipment in order to get rid of the bats in your home.


Bat Management Services In Acworth

For all of your bat removal and prevention needs in the greater Acworth area, contact the professional bat control team at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal. Our team will lean on our extensive knowledge of the area along with our many years of experience providing bat removal and exclusion. Contact us today!

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