Bats In Your Office Or Home? We Can Help!

Has a bat or an entire bat colony made its way into your home or office and decided this location will be their new home? If so, it’s important to safely remove these animals right away. While they may be beneficial to the local environment, these animals pose a threat to those living or working in the property.

For all of your humane bat removal needs in the Marietta area, contact the top-rated bat control professionals at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal today! We provide the following services:

  • Bat removal
  • Bat control
  • Bat exclusion
  • Bat guano cleaning and sanitization


Health Risks Of Bat Infestations

Though all kinds of wildlife droppings can be dangerous to humans, bat droppings (guano) can be especially hazardous. Bat droppings are able to develop spores which are able to release toxins in the air and circulate into living or working areas. If individuals inhale these toxins, it’s able to cause histoplasmosis, which is a severe lung infection.

Along with histoplasmosis, bats are a popular carrier of rabies. If these creatures live in your home, you’ll then have an increased risk of coming into contact with one and possibly being bit.


Getting Rid Of Bats

Since bats are federally protected, killing them as a removal tactic is not an option. Here at Smart Solutions, we follow all state and federal guidelines for the safety of bats and the homeowners.

As we abide by the federal mandates, our team of certified bat removal professionals will utilize effective live traps, quality equipment, along with tried and true techniques developed out of years of experience. By implementing these methods of removal, we will work as safely and efficiently as possible to get rid of the offending bats and make sure they don’t reenter your property.


Trusted Bat Control Services In Marietta

If you’re needing an effective and efficient bat removal company to get rid of the bats in your residential or commercial property in Marietta, it’s time to call the experts at Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal. Call today to receive relief from your bat infestation!

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