Squirrel Removal Services In Atlanta GA & The Surrounding Areas.

We Humanely Remove Squirrels From Your Attic, Crawl Space, Or Basement. 

Getting Rid of Squirrels the Right Way

You can take the right measures of having squirrels removed from your home or business by contacting the certified wildlife removal experts here at Smart Solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a single squirrel or a squirrel and her litter, we’ll make sure every last one is safely and humanely removed.

What We Do

Our team will perform a full inspection of the home or office, and will do each of the following:

  • locate squirrels
  • identify entry points
  • use live traps and our decades of experience and training to safely remove and release the squirrel(s)
  • use our decades of construction experience to seal entry points and squirrel-proof the structure in a way that’s effective, safe, and code-compliant

You can trust the professional trappers here at Smart Solutions to safely and humanely provide a solution to your squirrel problem. We have over 20 years of experience in the wildlife removal industry.

We Come Highly Recommended!

Commonly Asked Questions

Where are squirrels normally found in the home?

Throughout the years we have found that often squirrels are found in your home’s attic. The most common signs you’ll notice if you have squirrels in your attic will be hearing noises and seeing droppings. If you hear scampering and scratching sounds in your attic, it is very likely you have squirrels or possibly other rodents.

How do squirrels enter the home?

Typically squirrels enter your attic or other parts of your home through areas that are damaged. Most people don’t know this but squirrels can chew their way through many home building materials including foam insulation. So if you know you have damaged shingles or damaged soffit and fascia boards, that may be very likely where squirrels are finding their way into your home.

Do you seal off entry points?

Yes. We are licensed general contractors so we have experience sealing off squirrel entry points. In fact we highly recommend having this done to prevent the animals from entering the home again.

In my house, in the middle of the woods, they got rid of the flying squirrels in my attic. They did their magic two years ago and they haven’t been back. They are also prompt and very professional.