Bee Control

When most people think of bees, they think of yellow and black stripes. Many bees can be black or brown and can have stripes that are yellow, red or even blue. There are many types of bees, Honey, Carpenter, Bumble, just to name a few. Some species are more aggressive than others but they are vital to our world because of the pollination they are responsible for. They also produce honey and they are adorable. Unfortunately, they can also be a nuisance on your property in Druid Hills and scary for those who are allergic to their sting.

Wasp Extermination

While bees can be cute, wasps are definitely not cute! These stinging creatures can be a variety of colors ranging from black to green or blue and they can look metallic. They can be small or large depending upon the species and their stings can be very painful. If they feel threatened they will become aggressive. They will build nests in covered outdoor spaces like porches or patios, especially where there is food. Crumbs and sugar attract them during the warmer months when most people are trying to enjoy barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. The nests they build can be large and difficult to remove without aggravating the wasps living there. You should not attempt this yourself, especially if you have allergies to bites and stings.


Stinging Pests

Most of the pests that sting are seen more often in the warmer months. This is the time when you are outside more often doing yardwork or other outdoor activities. Having these types of creatures around can be less than ideal. Stings from bees and wasps can be deadly to some people and cause others to get very sick. If you have children playing outside they can be scary so calling an exterminator is the best first step if you notice a large amount of them around your home in Druid Hills .


How do I get rid of Bees and Wasps?

The first step is to call us. We will inspect your property and find out what type or species that you have. Different species require different methods of treatment and sometimes identification can be tricky. Once we identify them we can proceed with relocation or extermination. If you have a swarm of bees on your Druid Hills property they will need to be relocated not exterminated. Most of the time the colony is resting as they move to a new location but if they found your location to be a suitable place they may decide to stay and you will need the help of a professional to minimize stress to the bees and unpleasant Insect stings. If they form a hive this can also attract other insects and cause damage to the structure the hive is on. Relocation is the best way to avoid these issues.


If you are dealing with wasps the approach is a bit different. After the inspection, we would remove the nests and begin to educate the homeowner on ways to keep them away. This may include modifying parts of the property so that the wasps are discouraged from coming back. Keeping your patio and other outdoor areas clean is a great way to discourage them. Removing food sources is key. Insecticides and lights can also be used to keep them away. Wasp colonies can be large so keep in mind that we are trained and have years of experience dealing with them. We are ready to help you and we will use tried and true methods to keep your home free of these stinging bugs. Call us to schedule an inspection for your Dekalb County home.